Friday, October 19, 2012

DIY Wedding Cardbox

Being the DIY bride that I was (just DIY it!), of course we had to make a cardbox.  Especially since buying one was actually sort of expensive and I didn't want to use an open basket (obvi).  I wanted something pretty simple with a little lace, and it matched the rest of our..vibe(? haha) really well!
I got simple, round cardboard boxes from amazon, and we used Weldbond to glue them together.

But first we used spray glue to wrap the lace around each 'tier' of the box and we had to cut holes in to the lids to that once stacked, the cards could be dropped through the top.

 We also made that little notch so that the cards wouldn't get stuck or pile up on eachother if they fell works so just do it if you're making this! :)
 It also helped to use painter's tape to align each tier when cutting the holes and notches.
I glued a flower to the top and we cut an insertion slit on the top lid, glued all the tiers together....

and we have a cardbox!
I was in love with it and it fit our wedding perfectly.


  1. That looks so pretty! At first I was like, "Oh, why didn't she paint the boxes first?" Then at the end, I was like, "OH it's perfect like that! I love it!"

    And I really do love it :)

  2. Love it especially the box color with the lace, I love that look.

  3. I love it! Did you put this in the consignment shop too!?

    Also, it JUST hit me: we were planning to do an old wooden wine box that I got at a thrift store. I was going to prop the lid open and hang a sign on the inside. When I read your comment (obvi- ahaha) about an "Open" basket. omg. maybe not the best idea?! haha. Here, please swipe a card and play the "guess how much $ is in it" game. I'd like to say I have more faith in my family/his..but..people be shady. So, may have to find a way to drill a slit in it, or something...haha

  4. Love it! Will you please come "DIY" to my whole wedding?? :) Thanks! Haha!

    Seriously though, I love this! It's so cute!

  5. Love this! I also DIYed my cardbox, but now I'm not sure what to do with it! It's just hanging out in my living room, any ideas?

  6. LOVE THIS! Thank you! Pinning it right now!

  7. Very cute! Good for you for making your own and saving money!

  8. That is beautiful!!! I love that you did some much DIY for your wedding. Sometimes I wish I could have another wedding cause there are so many flipping cool ideas on Pinterest for DIY stuff! We did our invites/programs/save-the-dates, but I would have liked to have done more!

  9. Soo cute!! What size boxes are these? I am planning to make this but not sure the sizes. Thanks! :)